Sunday, September 27, 2020

Keep Talking and Nobody Dies

Keep talking and nobody dies is a unique assymetric cooperative game that is best suited for casual fun. A cooperative multiplayer game that alone is very rare.

The game needs to be played with two people minimum. One player is locked in a room with a bomb and has to defuse it. They alone can't do it though because they do not know how. The other player or players are outside and have access to a manual how to defuse it but can't see it. Thus they have to give instructions to the player in the room with the bomb. Sounds easy, right? The players can be physically in the same room or anywhere around the world since the game can be played remotely via Steam. Only one player needs to own the game and it is the defuser that needs to control it. Others can talk via Steam voice chat or any other voice chat service. The experts will have to either print the manual out or search in it on the web (or pdf file).

I bought the game on Steam and tried running it because I wasn't really sure how this would all work. I knew that remote play existed since Steam sometimes asked me if I want to remotely play a game, stream it or just play it and it always confused me because I just simply wanted to play the game. Never tried remote play though so I didn't know if there would be two screens or the experts would simply have to print the manual. It was clear that one player would be able to see the bomb. I launched the game in VR and my friend was able to access the manual on the screen while I saw the 'game' in VR. So we just decided to play. Neither of us read the manual beforehand which made it way more interesting for both of us and we almost didn't make it the first time. It was close, we had 1.21 second remaining while my friend Vevvy finished the bomb almost before the timer started (you can actually start defusing before the timer starts).

You have (most of the time, can be 3 or 8) 5 minutes to defuse a bomb. A bomb has a certain number of modules that each contain a 'puzzle' that needs to be solved. The defuser has to describe what it is and based on that description the expert (the one with the manual) has to find the steps how to solve it. The manual itself is quite confusing so it's not easy to memorize. The experts will probably ask more questions because there are many conditions. Apart from the timer ticking down there are other outside effects that can make it harder to solve the puzzles (lights suddenly going out or some terrible nerve wrecking sounds). There can also be modules that need attention from time to time (intervals of 30 to 45 seconds). If those modules don't get it, you'll explode. Multitasking three such modules while still trying to solve other modules is no easy task because you still need to communicate and also use your memory.

The story mode has 7 chapters each having several bombs that have a certain time limit and number of strikes. When the players finish this mode they can still free play - get a random bomb. There are many iterations. There is 11 different modules not including the needy ones and maximum of 11 slots occupied.

Is the game worth trying?
My review might be boring but the game certainly is not. The game is obviously meant for parties. You don't necessarily neeed to play it an actual party, but the more people play the more fun it can be. Anyone can play the game if they can read a manual and aren't colorblind for example since colors matter in this game. I am rhythm deaf and I just found out that morse code is something I can't do (yes, you read that right, one of the modules involves morse code!) which also makes me a bad defuser when this module shows up.

If you have have friends or you are capable of bringing several people together I highly recommend this game. It will test your communication skills, attention to detail, memory and patience.

S'Tsung (stsungjp @ Twitter)

Friday, September 25, 2020

Sword of Fire and Ice (3d model)

I didn't know what to do today so I decided to fool around in Blender. I asked my flatmate what I could possibly do and they came up with an idea of Sword of Fire and Ice. I was like 'I could do something like that' and then I created a simple Sword of Fire and Ice from Modern Masters.

After I rendered this I was wondering what else to do with it. I decided to create a custom saber for Beat Saber. Out of Sword of Fire and Ice I created a Sword of Fire and Sword of Ice. I also added a nice fire and ice trails which I tried to capture in the screenshot below. Unfortunately the trails gets lost behind the menu panels :-/.

Even after this I wasn't finished and decided to see if I can create a more interesting render. So I spent some time posing my avatar's hand and the Sword and this is the final result of this little adventure.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment

Escape room? Count me in.

You are locked in your office and told to solve a challenge in order to stay alive and not be replaced by someone more competent. You have 15 minutes to solve it and then you are told that there is a stage 2. The decision is yours to make and that also is probably the reason why you might want to replay this once or twice since there are different outcomes.

I couldn't start the game with the controllers showing up but then I decided to run the game right from the place I'd actually play it and then everything was fine. The game expects you to have 360 degrees tracking including tracking on the floor level which is not something I'd expect from a game. Honestly from ANY game.

Graphics could be better but considering the game being very short and actually being an ad for a movie I can understand it. While the quality of the graphics is not high the room is coherently done. It's nothing awesome but it's good enough not to feel distracting and it sets you well in the story.

The controls are something you'd expect so it's fine. The interactions with the environment are ok-ish. You've got plenty of time to toss the place and discover some things you'd probably not expect - an adult magazine, a hiding tarantula and a mouse/rat which are actually nice touches to the room.

The puzzles while not great are still more than just find an item and put it somewhere which is good. Nothing too difficult if your tracking works.

The game tries to put you under pressure with loud ticking that gets faster and you will also hear a coworker going crazy in another office somewhere. He will probably yell at you for being useless at some point. If you will be progressing fast enough you'll be saved of these though. I honestly had enough time to think what I needed to do before he started telling me what to do. (What I got stuck on, he didn't even comment). If you get stuck he'll probably tell you what to do.

In overall I liked the experience and found it better than some other free games I tried so far.

I can recommend this game if

  • you have 360 degrees tracking and tracking at floor level
  • you are capable of ignoring one serious jerk constantly yelling at you
  • you don't mind heads being blown of or have fear of virtual spiders

I'd rate this 5 out of 10 because I think the developers should have thought about what kind of tracking people usually have if they wanted to show this movie advertisement to as many people as possible. The annoying guy is well really annoying and no one wants to be berated like this. The animations of the objects fitting somewhere should have been fast and not slow like this. It gives an impression that something went wrong.

5 points for a good concept, not so great execution and the fun it provides.

Here's a playthrough that includes constant struggle with tracking. Played with Oculus Rift CV1.

S'Tsung (stsungjp @ Twitter)

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

TapSonic World Champion VR

I was browsing VR games on Steam and no names seemed familiar except one game - TapSonic. That made me check if I really see search results for VR since I know this game as a mobile game. It was indeed a VR title so I decided to give this game a try. In worst case scenario I would just listen to some Korean tracks and flail my hands around.

The game is in Early Access so I expected an unfinished game (even though when DJ MAX was in Early Access on Steam the game was already finished more or less and pretty awesome). Unfortunately I didn't check the release date. I'd know then that the game is pretty much dead and we won't be seeing the game finished.

When I launched the game and was told to enter a very small play area I wasn't sure if I'd like the game. I looked around and saw a song list in front of me, leaderboard on the right side, options on the left and 'how to play' behind me. Apart from that we could see black transparent plane including the bright blue area I was standing in, black void and some particle smoke, white dots around me and some sound controlled 2d lines in front of me. It reminded me of one of my VRChat visits. I entered a world featuring a similar rhythm game. The VRChat world was actually more polished than this TapSonic game.

Game play is simple. From further away from you notes will be approaching you following lines. When the notes reach you you have to touch them. There are 4 different kinds, normal notes that you just have to touch, slides that you have to touch first and then follow them, mini notes that just need to hit your hand. There are also cymbals that you need to press corresponding trigger when the orange circle reaches the target. The game is combo based, the higher combo you have the higher score multiplier will be used.

There are three difficulties - Basic, Pro and Legend. There is not much interesting going on in the higher difficulty charts (just density) so the game doesn't incite you to learn.

Game play itself is ok even though the timing windows are huge. Like I have the feeling it's over 60ms for Perfect+. I hardly hit any Perfects or Goods while streaming the play through and that lagged considerably. The different kind of notes don't seem to make much difference because pretty much all you need to do is touch them. The cymbals add a little complexity to the game but they are not used that much in order to show the real potential.

Song list is good or rather I can't complain about it (I'd expect Tok! Tok! Tok! to be in there though). You get 11 songs which may not feel much. I completed them all on all difficulties in an hour and half (see video below). It is a free game after all. If you played other games from Neowiz you'll know the songs.

Is the game worth playing? There are many rhythm games that come and go and this unfortunately is one of them. The game probably ended its development very soon. It is playable though and if you like the songs you might have fun playing this game for a little while. Unfortunately you need to keep your head in a rather limited area which makes dancing around a bit difficult. When in VRChat I tried rhythm games using Touch controllers and I have to say that accuracy based games weren't that great and if someone wants to create a good VR rhythm game they should bring up a game mechanic that is good in VR environment and not one that's good for any kind of button mashing or finger tapping/swiping in real life. That might be the reason why the judgment windows are that big. The notes are difficult to hit because it's not clear where they actually are. This can get frustrating for the player. It saddens me but I have to give this game from Neowiz a thumbs down. I'll hapilly go play other of their games though because they certainly know how to create a good game in 2d. This game was a step in a wrong direction.

S'Tsung (stsungjp @ Twitter)

Monday, September 21, 2020

Kagamine Len

Some time ago when I felt really depressed I was looking for something to craft. I could choose from many things but in the end decided to grab a needle and some fabric and try to sew something that could possibly in the end resemble Kagamine Ren's outfit. I didn't finish it because I thought that I'd never wear it anyway and that I'd probably look like a total idiot - an overweight one as well. Nonetheless I ordered a blonde wig that I could use for the cosplay if by a chance I'd decide to finish the costume one day. Even though the wig was sent from Belgium it took ages to deliver. It arrived at the beginning of September but the Czech Post obviously doesn't notice people that something arrived. Today I received a call from the post office that they have problems with the notifications and that I should go collect my shipments (in the meantime the tracking showed that they tried to deliver it and no one was home. Well, I'm sick and I was certainly home the past two weeks). So for those to whom I promised some photos here they are (including the reason why I post them now).

As for the reason why I hardly fit in the shoot. The only place I can take pictures is my VR play area and that is actually pretty small. Sometimes I wish I could have a nice green painted room here I could use for streaming and other stuff like taking photos since as you can see the window next to me is not the best thing out there either^_^. Enough of blah blah, here are the pics! Thanks Aurora for them.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Superhot VR

When I got my hands on Oculus Rift I wondered what games should I buy or try. Except for knowing that I really wanted to play Half-Life: Alyx I had no idea what else I could possibly play. So instead of blindly trying games I decided to do a little research on what the best VR games. One of the games that I saw pretty much in all the lists I went through was Superhot VR.

The description seemed interesting but I never really grasped how the game could actually work. So months later I finally decided to give that game a try and few levels in I fell in love with it.

So what makes the game so good? I suppose that all of you have seen The Matrix (or at least a trailer for it). You probably remember the scenes where Neo dodges bullets and you can all see that in slow motion. It's not the only movie (or game) that uses that (see Max Payne) and there were attempts at recreating this as a game mechanic but it never really worked out that well. Even in Pistol Whip where you can avoid bullets in this kind of fashion it doesn't feel that awesome. The thing is, in Superhot, when you do not move everything is at a standstill. The moment you start moving everything will start to move as well. How fast you move is how fast everything else moves.

During your mission to destroy the pyramid you are attacked by red men that want to punch you, stab you or shoot you and what you need to do is (most of the time) get rid of them by pretty much the same actions but first you need to assess the situation grab a gun or anything you can use to kill them. All this requires movement at certain speed and that is the speed at which the enemies move and shoot. When you press the trigger on a gun or throw an object the time moves pretty fast for a short moment and you suddenly see how fast a bullet can reach you. The first few times the bullet will most likely hit you.

At first if you are not sure what to do or where your enemies are, it's good to move slowly and do not accelerate much. For example it's good to shoot after you actually see that someone fired so you already see the trajectory the bullet will follow. After you replay a part of a level several times you'll find out that you can clear that part in a lightning speed since you already know what will most likely happen.

Finishing a level is very rewarding no matter how you finish it. Each level consists of several parts. If you die you'll start over at the beginning of the level and need to go through all the parts again. Dying a lot though means that you get better fast and that you often finish the parts of levels in a spectacular fashion. It gives you the feeling of being a real action movie star. I have to say I was surprised how fast I could go through some parts. This game can be finished in 7 minutes if you speedrun it but you'll probably take much more time the first time you play it. The game can be finished in one hour even if you die a lot.

The enemies die after one hit no matter what hit them - be it a mug or a shotgun shot. The weapons in the game have limited number of rounds which is really nice. If you miss too much you'll have to use your fists or other items that are laying around. If there are none you are pretty much screwed. Bullets can also be stopped by items, guns or bullets but it's usually better to simply dodge. Friendly fire in the enemy ranks is actually something that happens too and you can use that to your advantage.

What I like about this game is that you actually need to shoot at the place the enemy will move into, not where the enemy is when you fire the shot (unless it's at a really short distance). Also you should use both hands to deal with your enemies and that is really cool. I don't like it when you have to use just one hand and this allowed me to freely use both hands and it felt pretty natural.

The game can be finished in one go and will make your brain think hard. You'll also move quite a lot.

Since I spoke about movement maybe I should note something. The game doesn't show Room-scale play area or a warning that it needs a lot of room but I have to say that after the initial scene in which I couldn't even reach the glass enemy I'd say it does require more room than a game that just shows 'Standing' (note my play area is small). When I was playing the game I actually moved quite a lot and punched furniture around me, the window and even my monitor. I literally walked out of the tracking area few times. Being able to freely move on a bigger play area actually feels great so I recommend having enough room around you.

As for the graphics I'm not entirely sure what to say. I like the concept, white environment that's not distracting and red enemies making them very easy to spot and you stay alert at all times. Stuff you can use to kill your enemies is black which is also easy to spot. Graphically it may look strange on screenshots but this simplicity allows you to concentrate on the game. It's actually great when you play.

The game is simple to grasp with great and unique play mechanic and is very fluid. While the game can seem repetitive you can always strive for more coolness or speed and it's always rewarding when you reach your goal. The game is short, can be finished in about an hour the first time you play it, which may be a negative aspect for some people since this game also costs 25 USD. The game has a good replayability though in my opinion. After you finish the game for the first time you can replay it to get better and learn how to speed run it or you can try some of the challenges that get unlocked. It is a game I'd highly recommend.

S'Tsung (stsungjp @ Twitter)

Saturday, September 12, 2020


I was browsing list of games on Steam again and came across FORM which had a teaser that caught my eye: "Enter a surreal adventure where puzzles are built from dreams and memories. Solve the mystery behind an ancient artifact. Advance through a world that transforms around you. Transcend this existence."

A few minutes later I was standing in the middle of the night, trees around me, feeling chilly and staring at the game's menu. I created a new game and appeared in front of Dr. Eli's workspace. Dr. Eli is examining an ancient artifact and is on the bring of a discovery. You as Dr. Eli manage to somehow synchronize with the artifact and you wake up in your own mind where ideas can be read. Here you solve puzzles and eventually meet another sentient being.

The game is beautiful. The visuals are simply mesmerizing. The objects you manipulate are very well crafted and feel very solid even though you can't really touch them. As a player you can't walk around, you just appear in front of your puzzle and what you need you can reach (or bring it to yourself). After each step of a puzzle is complete the environment changes a bit and new part of the object/puzzle is shown to you. All the animations showing new stuff are pretty neat. They are visually pleasing and the sound that accompanies it is great. The soundtrack made me feel a bit strange though.

As for the story, I wouldn't even call it a story. It doesn't really have an ending or any kind of resolution. We don't learn anything about Dr. Eli, nor his wife. While the voice acting and intro are good the rest simply doesn't exist. I wish I would have found out more about Dr. Eli, his past or his personality. We don't even know what the artifact is, where it came from and who the unknown beings are. This way all I can say is that I was very disappointed because I expected at least some kind of a basic story.

Game play seemed to me similarly lacking. The puzzles are mostly of one kind and that is match two objects together. The puzzles become rather repetitive. They are not hard but it still takes time to manipulate everything. Sometimes you have to look through a blue ball to see more information but that's about it. In the second room you have to play certain melodies. Be it either by sound or color which was even less entertaining even though it sounded cool. If this game was supposed to be a puzzle game I'd expect a certain variety of puzzles and something that actually requires you to think a little (sometimes).

The game is short. I finished it in 77 minutes which included me staring at the different environments and doing some nonsense with objects producing light. While I enjoyed doing that it was the only thing I could do, since you can't walk around. To sum it up, the game is visually breathtaking. It's a bit dark and blurry but atmosphere is great. The soundtrack and sound effects are great and make you feel more otherworldly. Animations are great to look at and while the game gives you all the time in the universe to solve a puzzle there is some kind of a fast paced flow to how everything moves shifts around. I liked that. Story is nowhere to be found. Game play is simple, tedious and repetitive. Nothing to actually enjoy.

I would recommend this game to someone who wants to see what is possible in VR when it comes to abstract things but only if they just want to try to manipulate some objects and enjoy what they do under their hands (meaning have no expectations of game content). Otherwise I'd say this game is not worth its full price and I wouldn't recommend it.

S'Tsung (stsungjp @ Twitter)

Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Room VR: A Dark Matter, review and play through

I was browsing Steam's store page and was shown The Room VR: A Dark Matter because I played Half-Life: Alyx. I wasn't really sure what these two games had in common but nonetheless the game caught my attention. The graphics looked good and it was a puzzle game. I liked the idea but wasn't really sure if paying 30 EUR was something I wanted to do. In the end I bought the game and I'm really glad I did.

I was immediately hooked. I loved the visuals, sounds and puzzles. I enjoyed the mystery and the story even it seems there were pieces missing that I was already supposed to know them (it makes sense since this game is a part of a series and this is the fourth or fifth game bearing the name 'The Room'). I was trying to put my awe from the game into words but so far I just failed at it and I decided that it might be better to show the actual game. Unfortunately that also has a downside, if you watch it you may not enjoy playing it that much later on (I replayed the game twice and I still enjoyed it that much though!). So, if you have a VR headset I recommend buying it and if you don't and are interested in seeing how it looks like, you can watch the video under this review.

The Room is a series of puzzle games that were originally developed for Apple's iPad but later ported to iPhones and Android devices. The element making the games more interesting and intriguing is the 'Null' which as I understand it is an element from which things can be created. In order to see the Null the player needs to equip a special lens. Thanks to it you can see the otherworldly creations and solve puzzles from the Null and from our reality.

The Room VR is set in 1908, Britain. You are a police detective investigating strange disappearances. You are led through the game by notes left by the Craftsman (who as I understand it is the originator of all the Null things you will encounter and who slowly became insane). In order to advance you need to solve different kind of puzzles and figure out what happened to the disappeared people.

Since I appeared on the balcony of the police station I was totally immersed in the game. The atmosphere was great throughout the whole game - mysterious and sometimes spooky. I could even feel the scorching sun and sand beneath my feet (not really, but my imagination set me in a real Egyptian desert). The puzzles were fun, usually different and relatively clever. I have to say that I enjoyed them even though some could be lengthy even though not hard. This is exactly what I expected from a puzzle game. It required attention to your environment, little bit of logic and some manual dexterity (since VR is not perfect).

The environment was very well researched and well done. I felt like standing in the British museum when I was at the British Institute of Archaeology. The otherworldly places felt great, I felt like I was in a different dimension and I actually wanted to come back to the 'real world'. What I also found cool is that at some points you can enter objects and you need to solve the puzzle both inside and outside of it. I call it 'Detective in the Wonderland' mechanic. Sometimes through the lens you can see these red crystals which means you can enter the object and in this case play with the light projected through colored glass.

At the time I didn't appreciate all the sounds and physics because I took them for granted but after playing several other VR games I have to say that these are way above average. They kept me immersed and I never felt distracted by them (with few exception of sounds that are used by other games as well). I even played the organ or rather tried with two fingers.

The game is awesome for sure but there were several things that bugged me. I wasn't fan of the game somehow centering around me whenever I teleported. The game uses teleportation system which allows you just to go to places relevant to the game. This limited movement is actually a good thing since you don't need to run around in frustration trying to figure out with which objects you can actually interact and with which you can't. The centering around myself rather than the center of the play area also made me scratch my head few times because I had to reach for an object which was out of reach suddenly (see in the middle of a real life wall). Walking blindly around and trying to stand somewhere so it centers in a way I could reach it wasn't easy.

Next thing I'd probably do is assign a button for the use of the lens. It is great that you can change it from the inventory by using your hand but when you are doing a puzzle in both real world and null and you need to switch often this gets a bit annoying.

I also had problems with reading all the notes and other text. That may be due to my eye defect which is quite rare or Oculus Rift not being the best for reading text. Watching my stream after I finished actually showed a crispy sharp grahics though.

The next thing is something I'm not sure if it is a bad thing or not. The game is quite short. I finished it in 3 hours which included all the head scratching since I got stuck. (Often it was because I couldn't interact with an object that was obviously meant for interaction). When the game was over I was hungry for more. When I put the headset down though I realized how terribly exhausted I am. In the end I was glad the game could be finished quickly. It is still longer than other escape room games.

The last thing is that I really longed for walking around and taking a better look at things. Unfortunately I was stopped by 'Attention! Please return to the play area' message. I was sad I couldn't watch animations happen from other place than the one I teleported to. I wish that if there will be next The Room VR game that we will be able to freely walk at least around our real life play area while still being able to teleport to important places.

As for the price tag. I found it expensive at first but after I finished the game I felt like they deserved all of the money. There may be a big difference between the Room non-VR games prices and this one but still I'd pay 30 again for a game like this. True, compared to a high price of Half-Life: Alyx and its 13 hours of game play it is indeed expensive. I don't regret paying this much for the game and I'd even tell you to just buy it for the full price (on sale it's a snap buy). For me it was totally worth it.

If you like good puzzles and you also enjoy a very well done environment I can highly recommend this game.

Thanks for reading
S'Tsung (stsungjp on Twitter)

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

TimeLock VR

I was just browsing games on Steam and came across TimeLock VR. After reading the description it seemed that it could be a promising game. After reading the reviews below I learned that the game may not be good at all but I was still willing to give it a try. It couldn't be that bad, right?

I launched the game and stared at gray/black grid for a while until I realized that I have to actually select some settings on the monitor. I set it to Beautiful graphics settings because that's the FIRST time ever I saw that as any kind of setting.

After that I showed up in darkness staring at several bright flags that didn't really light the scene. I looked at the English flag and tried to point at it. Nothing really happened so I stepped forward and tried to reach it. And yes, being small is even less cool than in real world. After standing on my toes and reaching with the controller as far as I could I choose English even though I was rather to play the game in German.

English was set and I wondered what would happen next. I heard a rather unpleasant sound which was probably trying to tell me that I should look down at my controllers and press a certain button. I pressed it and a screen showed up. It was all red which I wasn't a fan of. It's rather aggressive color and maybe good for getting someone's attention but certainly not good for reading any kind of text. White letters on a bright red background, still in total darkness showed: 'Time travel succeeded. Check laser module'.

I looked around and the only thing standing out was this cube screaming 'Unity'.

I pointed at it and pressed trigger and something happened. Well, anyway I went through the time tutorial already knowing that I wouldn't need it in the game and then I wondered how does one actually move. I accidentally switched from controllers to bow and an arrow and I had no idea how to get rid of it.

When I ran out of ideas I just tried to walk around but my play area is 1.6 m times 1.8 m and that was not enough for the room. So I decided to use google and see how the game can be actually played.

I learned that pressing and holding one button I can actually move around the Unity teleportation grid. I didn't know how limited the teleportation was but well it did its job. My hand was soon in pain from teleporting too much around. Compared to Half-Life or The Room VR this was really bad but at least I got to move around. There also does not seem to be the possibility to turn around with a controller so I had to turn in real life and that resulted in me bumping into everything around me. After hitting my shin because I kicked a chair's leg and a loud metal noise I made while my controller collided with a heater I moved on and went to a desk.

I moved around the computer and suddenly this screen showed up. I noticed that the texturing was not great on the objects around me, the red console was meh but this took it to another level. This is a message from the future on a present time laptop? I heard another annoying beep and I was told that I'm looking for this vase.

I started looking for a purple key then since there was similarly colored key icon. Since no puzzle was in sight I switched to 'ransack everything' mode. I made a pretty mess out of the room and eventually found the key. I opened the drawer to find an indenture I couldn't read but there was another beep and I learned about the importantant parts. I was supposed to time travel to steal a priceless artwork.

I traveled into the past. I was still in the same room and I saw icons of items I needed which were white key and red key (I'm not sure). There was also a box on the table with a 4 digit inputs. So it was time to find the code. Well, again I ransacked everything and eventually got the code, entered it and got the white key. And this pretty much describes the whole game.

You are an agent sent to the past to retrieve an object and you have the ability to time travel or rewind time. The time travel is actually a nice feature that allows you to find a solution to a problem you can't deal with in the time you currently are. If you need something to get open, you can find a way in the past and then return back to the present. You can also bring objects from the past to the present and vice-versa. Rewinding time is not needed anywhere in the game and I'm not sure if it would have actually added anything to the game in its current form. I tried to use that ability when I left an item in the past but had a prompt to teleport with it into the past and I couldn't (and had to start all over again).

The next feature is what actually gave the game its name - time lock. When you time travel at a specific time you will end up in a time lock. In order to get out of there you need to do something. In the first time lock you are told to bring some kind of a device which is nowhere in sight. I was running around like crazy until I realized that teleporting is not limited to where one can possibly physically get in a human form. In general physics doesn't work the way a human being would expect it to work. After that I managed to find the device and bring it back. While I was running around there I was attacked by some creatures looking like they just ran away from Minecraft (and Minecraft-y critters would probably look better). I was supposed to have a weapon ready so I was running around with a bow and the arrow. You can just wonder why, you are a super secret agent from the future have access only to a bow... Shooting felt natural though compared to the rest of controls.

You return to the house from the time lock and can continue in your mission. Eventually after finding more items and using them on the colored icons you'll be able to open a safe which holds the vase. The game ends with this message and that's about it.

The game allows the player to explore the house and play with the time. Unfortunately the controls are really bad (I practically was running around with two controllers in my left hand because my right hand just didn't have enough accuracy) and the graphics is not great either. This is something I'd expect to be better even in a game I'd rate badly. Creating something coherently looking even with not much detail is something I'd expect from game creators. Games are often works of art. The ever present Unity grid is not something that helps the matter. The sounds weren't helping with the feeling of being immersed. They felt artificial and incorrect for most part. Game play doesn't offer much. We have to complete basic tasks of finding one item and using it. Jumping through time is a nice touch and has actually a nice potential for puzzle games but in this game all you have to do is go to the past or present and find the item there and go back with it. Since time travel usually leads to bad things happening you will also end up in a time lock where in order to complete the time travel you need to do something - that something is yet again find this item and put it somewhere. Enemies attack in a time lock and you have to (not sure if you actually have to) take them down with bow and arrows. It doesn't make sense to me but I don't have anything against it either. It just feels totally out of place. And then after you retrieve the vase the game just ends and you don't even have the option to quit.

I'd give this game 2 out of 5. There's no way this game can be above average but it is playable. Maybe I should note that this game is totally not worth the money it sells for. So unless this costs less than 1 USD, stay away from it (my opinion).

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S'Tsung (stsungjp on Twitter)