Monday, May 26, 2008


One of my PS2s stopped reading DVDs and I decided to have it fixed (because I need it quite soon for one event).The day before we asked in JRC where we could get my PS2 fixed. After telling the guy that we WON'T go to Sony to get it fixed (mod-chip and stuff) he told us to go to Famfulikova 1140. He told me the address at least 5 times but I couldn't remember the name. When I arrived home I started looking for any gamestore repairing consoles but I couldn't find any. Finally I decided to take a plan of Prague and check the namelist of the streets. I found the most wierd sounding street starting with F and checked its location. The location seemed to be the correct one. So I typed "PS2 games, famfulikova" in our Czech search engine and the first link was (or something like that).
A friend of mine who already went there with my other PS2 confirmed the location so I decided to go there.
I got on tram to Kobylysy and then searched for a bus station for about 10 minutes^_^. The bus eventually arrived. When I got off the bus I saw "Playworld 20m" sprayed on the wall of one building.

I entered the shop. Usually after entering a game shop I get wierd looks from the people working there (usually negative). I might be glad that I don't know what they think about me (nicely dressed asian girl in a gamestore?). Anyway this time I got quite surprised looks. I came to the counter and asked if I can ask him a question about my PS2. He replied simply "yes" so I told him about my loading problem (knowing that it would be laser issue).

After that another person tried my PS2 and said that the laser is just too old but that he would have to check it and see what's wrong with it. I told them that a month ago I asked someone else to change the laser. But after he changed the PS2 did not load the games (it did but usually got stuck on loading during the game).

Well, they said that there is still the originally Sony warranty whatever thingie and that noone has actually laid hands on my PS2. This time it was me with a doubtful look. But anyway I told myself they will soon find out what's inside.

Few moments later the man checking my PS2 came back with a quite funny expression on his face (different chipset in the PS2 then was written on the case and messiah chip inside). Anyway he told me that the laser was actually replaced with "a new" one but that the laser is maybe 4 years old and that I can't even get it nowadays.

I told them to get me a new one and install it. But I did not have enough money so I had to return back home and get back to the game store.

I started a conversation about dance games (because I would like to buy few SUpernovas) and well he told me quite a lot of that dance pads wouldn't sell, not even the games and that they are quite rare etc. I really had an urge to tell him that it's actually my living (selling dance pads) but I did not tell him.

After it came to paying for fixing my PS2 he asked me what I'm waiting for (because I was wondering whether I want to buy Tekken DR or not). I told him about my indecision and he looked at me with the most confused look today. He asked where I see the game and I showed him the game (it was right in front of him). A moment later he exclaimed "a you mean the tekken game" and I realized that I did not actually stated the console for which I want the game so I guess it was my fault that he did not know what I want.

Anyway he sold me the game for a nice price. I went outside to wait for the bus to the city center and loaded the game in the meanwhile.
I started playing the game and played it for the rest of my free time. That means that I played in the bus and subway. People were looking at me or at my PSP screen.Sometimes trying to be discrete sometimes not. There was one granny who look at me if I would be some kind of abberation or specter or something. But anyway I had quite some fun except Asuka and Feng kicking my ass several times. These two martial art starts are new for me in this game so I had difficulties anticipating their moves. But throws and other close range techniques worked on Asuka and I just button mashed (not really but I had no strategy whatsoever) that Chinese guy.I have to say that I really like the game. It was a nice and unexpected change after Tekken 4 which was a catastrophe and Tekken 5 which I hated from the time I played the game for the first time at its release party.

After that I spent some time with Michal playing Magic The Gathering, chatting about the game and talking about other stuff (mostly related to the game itself.)
Back at home I continued playing Tekken DR. It was also time to charge the battery...another nice day passed. (I just spent quite a lot of money this day....but I guess that's normal - I did not spent that much as in Wien this weekend).