Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LIW and DDR Extreme

Me and NX we went to Leisure Industry Week 08 mainly to speak to Positive Gaming. We also had the chance to find out what is on market nowadays and in what we could invest our money in the future. Visiting LIW also had it's more fun part and that was trying out ZigZag's PIU Prox MP system and iDance MP System by PG.

The first day we went to LIW for just a while and after the closing hours we decided to head to the center of the city. To our suprise the train heading in that direction was Pendolino. I always wanted to go by this kind of train somewhere (to Vienna most probably) but never expected to go by Pendolino from NEC to the center of Birmingham. And not to mention the price which was like 22CZK for the ride. The funny quote about Pendolino that day was. "We are already here? The pendolino did not even reach its full speed??? o_O".

Next day, at LIW I had the chance to meet few people from DDRUK and for that I'm really grateful. Too bad that I couldn't meet Dancing Ninja though (also from DDRUK). We played iDance for most of the time and took videos of the game. Together we went than to PIU ProX stand where we found out that new songs were added. Songs by Alex Miller which were added so it would appeal to a wider audience. But I think it did not really helped much as the stand was dead for whole LIW.

At the stand Ian took videos of all the new charts and when he was taking a vid of the last song some ZigZag person came to him asking him what he is doing. And you know what? The answer was "We are taking videos of the charts so we could remake them". After this we decided that it is better to leave and don't do anything more suspicious. I wonder what ZigZag was thinking about a group of people in Pulse Demo Team t-shirts (a company showing a rival MP system) taking videos of the PIU ProX charts^_~.

At the very same stand someone also decided to play Dignity CZ (too bad I don't remember whom). We chose the song, set it so we could play on CZ and started playing. The Dignity chart on 1x was quite difficult to read but it wasn't that difficult to read as Esperanza or Handsome Character that pass. In about 1/3 of the song the person playing next to me called for a help with the song. Adam joined him and they finished the song together. I decided to try my best and finish the song as well. I think that the result screen was a surprise for both of us^_^. They got 58% on it and I alone got 55% on Dignity CZ. They were quite taken aback with my score "almost" beating theirs. ZigZag people were just staring at us ...

After LIW we went to Kris's house to play a bit of DDR Extreme. On our way to Kris's we wanted to go eat at McDonlads near the highway (where Jboy might have worked?). On our way from the McDonalds we took wrong way. After about 15 minutes of driving Adam claimed: "Hey, I know this place". The rest of was like "We went by like 15 minutes ago."
Another funny thing happened when Ian missed the left turn to Kris's house. We continued the road and someone said "Take the 360". And the rest of was like, hm shouldn't it be 180? Ahead of us was a roundabout and well we did the 360/180 turn and went back. I think that in the end both could be taken as correct. After the turn I told Ian to "Don't forget to turn right this time" and someone noted "hey, even S'Tsung knows where Kris lives".

We arrived alright and went directly to the place the machine was held. The machine was really nice and I really enjoyed playing on it. We started with few songs on singles after that we also tried some doubles (I tried, they played^_~). Anyway as I haven't played much DDR doubles yet I asked for some songs I could try out. So they let me play Do you remember me - a most difficult 9 in their words. I just started playing the song and was doing well. One of the players in the room was like "Hey, she's going to full combo that. She's just walking without doing any effort...". Few notes after this being said I missed my first note as I did not expect the chart to go in the other direction so fast^_^. Also I played Rhythm and Police (a song I played about 3 times already) and Cartoon Heroes (my first try). That song did not feel that evil as on singles. I also failed TLOM at the end of the song because I did not expect the "triplets" (3 notes, 8th pause, 3 notes, 8th pause). Stream would be nicer to end this song I think.
Anyway I enjoyed the stay there and I'm really grateful for being invited and for being let play Extreme. It was really nice

On our way back I asked Adam why he asked me before "Do you like Chimera?". The answer was something like: "Well, you seem to me like that kind of person being able to pass it no bar (the annex to this sentence was "on NM")." I have no idea who meant what but imagining me playing Chimera on NM no bar was pretty funny. Especially with all these really good players around.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Czech Trek 3

A third Czech Trek was organized and was held at Multikino Ladvi. This year's guest was Denise Crosby who is known for her role of Natasha Yar and Sela in Star Trek TNG.

It was really nice to meet Denise and hear her talk about her role and her career. It was good to listen to her and see that for some actors the roles don't need to be that good and won't really give the actors what they imagine and wish for. We learned also a bit more about the original Sela that Denise Crosby created. Too bad that the directors of TNG decided to change this character and don't continue with her story. We were also told that Crosby would like to do a Trekkies 3 documentary which would be now shot in Asia.

Guitar Hero National Tournament

One day I was contacted by one person who asked me if I ever played Guitar Hero (and he already knew that the answer was yes). I asked him why and he said that he would need some players who would enter WCG Qualifier tournament. I accepted even though that I haven't touched the game since a bet/challenge I accepted in May.

The finals of the tournament were held this Saturday at ElectroWorld Cerny Most in Prague. I did not arrive on time, but it did not really matter as organizators managed to forgot (or what?) the GH3 DVD so we had to wait for quite a long time till the tournament actually began.

What surprised me was...well there were some passerbys which would be normal. But some of them were calling us idiots and retards behind our backs. I understand that playing Guitar Hero can be considered lame or even worse and I wouldn't really mind about being called like this. But when these people just decided to pass by in between the screen and us (the players) I found this atrocious. I don't know ... at least a bit of respect for the players could have been there. They could have waited or could have found another way to get past us. Or at least they could have shown at least a bit of politeness.

The fact that there were people taking photos with flash during the tournament I consider normal. You can be telling people to never use flash while people are trying to play but no one listens...happens all the time.

Also the winner of the tournament came there just to win. He learned the songs that we would play in the tournament, especially TTFAF and One. He is not that good as me or QuiT but still wanted to win. I don't consider this fair but people like this exist and I don't want to stand in their way and well I just don't get it. Always there have to be people like...-_-

Anyway what I enjoyed was my round against QuiT. He chose Raining Blood so he could beat me but somehow I managed to get a really nice score on that one. I decided to ignore the beginning and keep combo on the rest of the song which worked well for me as I got 4x for a long time and this in the end resulted in me winning on this song. The second played was 3s and 7s which I completely messed up but I think even without messing the song up I would lose. The last song played was TTFAF to decide who would win. I was winning all the time till the last minute where my concentration was nowhere to be found. I couldn't concentrate on the notes nor the song. After confirming the last freeze I realized saw that the difference in score is less than 1000 big. Too bad that it was me who lost by less than 1000 points. It was nice match though.