What is this blog about?

When I turned twelve I started writing something that would be called a blog nowadays. It was a simple webpage with a lot of text on it. I was writing about my experiences. Since I was in the United States at that time there were many new things for me and I had what to write about. I was taking part in sci-fi/fantasy/gaming conventions, tournaments and I traveled a lot. Also there was a clash of cultures and many things happened that made me think about something. All this led to quite many posts on my blog.

Since 1998 till 2008 the blog was rather compact and one might say interesting.

After I finished high school and moved back to the Czech Republic (from Belgium) the blog changed considerably. No more impulses that would make me write about something interesting. From that time on the blog mostly contains Magic: The Gathering posts. That is when I decided to separate my previous blog from this one and create a dedicated Magic blog. But since I can't imagine Magic players actually reading my posts I decided to keep it as a personal blog about anything and just created categories for what I would post about and that is how such a mess was created.

This blog's posts are mostly about games. The majority is about card games, some is about board games and there's a bit about some digital games. There are some creative posts as well - Magic Alter, Drawings, Photos of the Day and 'Music'. EDIT: I merged some categories into "My Creations" and deleted everything that I recorded with my instruments because all the links are broken. I might fix that in the future.

For whom is this blog?
When I started writing my blog I wrote it for myself. Even though it was online I did not expect anyone to read it. The site was visited by quite some many visitors though for some reason (few thousands a month compared to almost nothing nowadays). I did not really have people to talk to and I spent ages on IRC talking to 'random' people all over the world. But sometimes I really had to write down something to fully 'relay' my experience and not have million other users comment on that. This way my feelings could find peace and I could keep a happy (or other) memory of it. Since my experiences were actually interesting I think there was nothing wrong with it.

This blog is for everyone who is willing to read what I write and enjoys it. Read what you like, don't read what you don't like. In the future I'd like to provide more information and keep the posts more cohesive for those who are not familiar with my situation or the topic I write about. The blog is not visited much and those pages people land on the most are posts that weren't even meant for this blog. There are posts with thousands of views but those are generated by Wizards of the Coast community page and Magic Salvation mostly (if I want more traffic to this blog all I need to do is write something about current Standard^_^). As for the rest 100 views is a lot.

Thank you for reading and have fun here ^_~.

~Sincerely S'Tsung