Tuesday, January 14, 2014


After getting pretty upset because I had to play against Maze's End deck with my UW control I decided to do another alter for the Magic store. I looked around me and found Ponder laying around...maybe someone might get interested in this?

Birthing Pod

At GP Prague I sold some of my alters at the MTG Madness stand. The person buying the cards from me told me that he would by more so I decided to do some alters. This is the first extension I'll offer them...unless someone else buys it first.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jubeat Plus on Android

Few days ago my computer died and I still don't know if it will be working once again or not. To ease my work (and typing) I was offered that I can use my friend's tablet for the time being.

I set it up and started using it. First I needed to turn off the crazy auto-correct. With it turned on I was unable to write a single sentence correctly. My typing might not be perfect but at least it is faster (typing html tags is a pain). Then there wasn't much to do except install some apps.

Today around midnight I decided to download something I could watch. In the meantime an idea came to my mind....there was some kind of Jubeat release for Xperia devices. I decided to download it and encountered my first problem.

So I started wondering about how to solve this problem...rooting without a Windows machine seemed kind of impossible but on the otherhand this thing is capable of quite a lot.

After quite some time I managed to download Jubeat Plus and install it. Another problem arose. (Oops I forgot to take a pic...I did the screenshot on my cellphone). Anyway after even more time in which I tried to figure out where .obb files go (that wasn't the only problem, I had it right soon) I finally could see the white KONAMI and BEMANI screen.

As usual the app is free and contains three free songs. One of them being CanCan - my favorite. Song packs are available for purchase via the game itself and cost ¥500 each.