Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Arcade Service Travel Bug

By accident I checked the geocaching site and I found out that ACTB is located just few hundred meters away from the place I was standing at that time. I had to go and get it... (around 1am)
I will go take some photos of it with my arcade machine and will post the photos later.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Video - My Trip To Pilsen Micro Edit

For micro editing I decided to use footage from our way to Pilsen to play Pump it up. I shot the first videos not featuring me and Xsoft shot the videos while I was playing Pump It Up.

I appended the videos in AviSynth, edited the videos in AviSynth as well. Sound tracks are put together in Goldwave and everything is exported using Virtual Dub.

All this just because Adobe Premiere seems to be on strike.

Anti blightning deck

In our game store there is a tournament for beginners (the level varies, sometimes there are serious extended decks played, sometimes real beginners come to play in these tournaments - most of the time it used to be the mixture of both) each Sunday.

It is said to be of extended format but it usually comes down to some weird type 2 decks with Lorwyn/Shadowmoor cards + few Extended decks (like Thopter/Depths, Scapeshift, Zoo or Doran rock). 2/3 of the kids play some kind of blightning aggro or burn deck (they usually win over other deck types as no one can do much about Blightning). I participated in the tournament last time to fill up the last even slot with some 'Boros can't win deck'. Taking my Zoo would not be fair.

Most of the games looked like Blightning followed by Blightning. I was left with no cards in hand usually. After this usually it was 'the person who draws more burn spells wins'. My deck did not run that much burn and the games weren't fun at all^^ Unless you like top decking and being happy for anything that can instantly deal damage to your opponent. Once though I luckily drew Ranger of Eos, I played it along with the cards it found (Goblin Guide and Spark Elemental) and my opponent just burned two of those creatures and terminated the last one (and still he had 1 card in his hand left)..after that I just died to Staggershocks, Lightning Bolts and some unearth guys.

After the tournament I started thinking about a deck that would wake these guys up - showing them that way that Blightning aggro does not need to be the best deck ever.
At first I just thought about running some mono white deck with life gain and kitchen finks but Lukas remarked that the number one anti-blightning card is Wilt-leaf Liege^^.

I got this for them...and if they happen to be odd in numbers I will actually play this next time.

Oversoul (of dusk)
4x Wilt-Leaf Liege
4x Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers
4x Kitchen Finks
3x Oversoul of Dusk
2x Loxodon Hierarch
2x Loxodon Gatekeeper
4x Llanowar Elves
4x Steward of Valeron
4x Watchwolf
1x Path To Exile
3x Oblivion Ring
1x Condemn
4x Stirring Wildwood (I don't plan playing Temple Garden)
4x Wooded Bastion
Plains and Forests...

SB: hm...more protection from red? ^^
and some enchantment/artifact removal...(actually pridemage might do...might replace something in MD but well doing sideboard for completely random meta is quite difficult especially when the level can be between anywhere between beginning players' decks, casual decks to normally played extended decks).
Heh, if they ever ask me for a game I look forward to be targeted with Blightning^_^.