Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Drawing - Rurouni Kenshin

Well, it's been a while that I tried to draw something. Last few days I started to doodle but nothing good came out of it...and today well after a while I came up with this. I had Oishi and some other duelists in my head (from L5R)and Himura Keshin. In the end...this picture was done o_O.

It does not look like a complete fail^^ as many of my other drawings I decided to post it even here.^_~

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Esper Aggro

Well, it's been a while that the Extended and Standard formats changed. I knew that for T2 I would still be playing UW (Planeswalker)Control but I wasn't sure about extended. My faeries rotated out so now what? I build a Jund with elves and C. Colossus but that is not that interesting. It's similar to my t2 deck from months/years?? ago. So now with Scars of Mirrodin out I decided to try some artifact based deck.

The deck is not finished I still don't know what to add and what is the right mana base. I ran Tidehollow Sculler + Thoughtseize/Inquisition of Kozilek. I was considering to play Turn Aside as this would counter the spell I don't want to see. But looking at my opponents hand and discarding what I don't want to see is better and I love sculler. These disruption spells are good but I'm not really sure about how it will work for the time being I have problems with black mana. Either way there is one more slot for a card and I don't really know what that could be. Now trying COurt Humunculus (yay, it works actually) I want something with CMC < 2 and something that would be able to attack well or do something significant (in that case it would have to cost 1). I ran twenty lands but I find this too much, but playing with the deck will decide the final number.

As I need a source of W/B/U I decided to run a play set of Marsh Flats that gives me either W or B and play set of Seachrome coast. I want the land on turn 1 so it comes untapped (or turn 2). I should get either white in any case and then something else on t2. The artifact spells will take care of the rest.

This deck can be deadly but it can also go wrong quite easily. But well it's nice to have my entire hand in play and attack for a lot on T2 and in T3 having the game practically over. In theory it works now I need to see how it works in reality.

Anyway just a thought for a deck...

Esper Aggro
4x Memnite
4x Ornithopter
4x Mox Opal
4x Springleaf Drum
4x Tempered Steel
4x Steel Overseer
4x Tidehollow Sculler
4x Master of Etherium
4x Ethersworn Cannonist
4x Court Humunculus

4x Marsh Flats
4x Seachrome Coast
2x Swamp
4x Plains
4x Island
2x Mystic Gate

Friday, October 15, 2010

L5R - Phoenix Honor

After figuring out how to play Lion Honor I decided to try Phoenix Honor that would run a bit more similarly to the Lion Honor I have. For that I decided to try using Shrine of the Champions.

This deck needs quickly personalities that can defend later in the game. The deck needs a really quick start otherwise it gets really bad. Some temples and it should work. I got problem against Lion that can have more honor than I do at the beginning. Not being able to get a Favor can be a problem. But otherwise it seems to work. I can't imagine what it does against other honor decks. My lion build is capable of attacking and destroying provinces, my little Phoenixes not. Even though Houhou/Yojimbo + Sanzo x 2 works^^. Let's play with this deck for some time and see how it fares against other decks.

Phoenix Honor - Shrine of Champions
Dynasty deck: 40

3x Seiden Sanzo
3x Silver Mine
3x My Father's Shrine
3x Temple to Shinsei
1x Expandable Resources
1x Counting House
1x Travelling Peddler

1x Winter's Embrace
1x War of the Dark Fire
1x Emma-O's Guidance
2x Temple of Tsukune (will be replaced by some Promo Temple - Tek'tik'tir?? or something like that)

3x Isawa Kumai
2x Isawa Kyoko
1x Isawa Kyoko XP
1x Shiba Ningen XP3
3x Asako Misako (not sure of 3 of)
3x Asako Hoshimi
1x Isawa Mizuhiko
3x Houhou
1x Isawa Mitsuko
1x Daigotsu Oki
1x Otomo Seimi

Fate Deck:

3x Claw and Shell
3x Rout
3x Settling the homeless
3x Wall of Honor
3x Advanced Spellcraft
2x Blessings of the Sky
2x Discretionary Valor
3x Direct Approach
3x Final Duty
3x Hamstrung
3x Forewarning
3x Proper Deference
3x Reinforce the Gates
3x Unimpeachable Name

Sunday, October 10, 2010

L5R - Lion Honor

I opened a Lion Starter few months ago and from that I tried to build a deck. At first it was a military deck, but usually it started winning by attaining 40 honor, so I started turning it into a honor deck. It stayed as a switch for a long time but later I decided not to mix it and try to maximize the honor gain. In the end I came up with this. (I have other decks, but this one took ages to build and still this is the deck I prefer the most)

The deck might have many problems I don't know about. I haven't played against dishonor nor any other honor deck so who knows how this deck would fare against them.

Anyway this deck is fun and I like it. For sure I will keep it^_^. Even though attacking with this deck becomes tricky. But still works and I can beat honor by turning into a military. Shunran and Senichi are good attackers^_~.

This deck does not use its stronghold much which might seem odd but well in the end it works well. From time to time I even use the ability but most of the time it something like stronghold being used once per game.
Generally you buy paragon's with honor. You defend with the minimum you can and you either send home or kill. The primary aim is to gain honor in the battles though.

Lion Deathseeker/Paragon Honor - Venerable Plains of Ikoma
Dynasty deck: 41

1x Akodo's Guidance
1x Well-defended border

2x Hidden Entrance
3x Copper Mine
3x Barley Farm
3x Famous Bazaar
1x Traveling Peddler
2x Deeds and Words
1x Kitsune Den

3x Matsu Haruya
3x Akodo Senichi
3x Matsu Shunran
3x Matsu Ushio
3x Matsu Nishijo (might be replaced with Matsu Kinihara)
3x Matsu Yosa
3x Matsu Akuto
1x Akodo Ryozo
1x Matsu Benika
1x Daigotsu Oki

Fate Deck: 40

3x Stand Down
3x Paragon's Strength
3x Courtesy
3x Remember Their Valor
3x Reinforce the Gates
3x Wall of Honor
2x Forewarning (against New Order and Alter history...but um...)
1x Thriving Light
3x Outer Walls
3x I will not die alone!
3x Force of Spirit
3x Calm Before Death
3x Temporary Truce
3x Prayer for Guidance
1x Strength in Honor

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mythic Rare experiment

When I we were opening display after display I started observing the locations where we opened a mythic rare. Some time later when Scars of Mirrodin was out I decided to use the same key for the two sets of locations I observed.

I took 5 displays and opened a booster from each from one specific location. I opened Venser, the Sojourner, Koth and Mox Opal. In the other two boosters normal rares were present. So I took one booster from each from another specific location and opened Sword of Body and Mind and Venser, the Sojourner.

I will most probably continue in this little experiment for some time. I don't mind having more mythic rares^^.