Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Status Report - February

What's been going on with my life? Well, the person who thought that I'm his girlfriend decided to leave me and probably hate me. The other person I love has his own life and probably I won't be a part of his life much and well just to say that I'm alone once again. Other people I would be interested are taken or living too far away. ^_~

I spent last two weeks taking care of the cats in my parents house where I want to move as soon as possible but there are few things keeping me away from it. Not having my cell phone charged was one thing, other was not being able to contact the person who's supposed to move my stuff and third is just lack of motivation, fourth might be fear of what will happen.

I'm lonely. Really lonely...I wanted to revive some of the connections and relationships but probably what happened to me stopped this kind of motivation I found inside me... I managed to contact two people, but I would like to continue in contacting others as well. But I'm afraid of the outcome.

I got fired from work to add the good things^_~ to all this. I would like to go study Interactive Media at Prague College (University of Teesside) and today (yesterday) I was accepted as a student. (note to self, gotta pay the tuition). So this is the first BIG NEWS that is actually POSITIVE!!!