Thursday, December 18, 2008

Makakiko - a "Japanese" restaurant?

Today my sister wanted to go to Makakiko a "Japanese" restaurant in a new Shopping Center in Prague. So me and our mother joined her.

When I entered the restaurant I almost bumped into two Chinese waitresses and already took this as a bad sign.

On one of the walls you could see some Japanese/Chinese characters along with some Korean I can't read. One of the words that caught my eyes was Shanghai and just next to it ramen written in Japanese. WTH?

Anyway I order ramen - or at least something - that was supposed to be ramen and I got o soup with not really good chinese noodles, CZECH MUSHROOMS!!!, broccoli and baby carrots. The whole soup tasted as well....mushrooms. Even getting them out of the soup did not really help.

After this I tried few makis. I tried Kappa Maki and I wasn't really sure if the green thingy inside was cucumber. It did not taste that way. Other maki were as well quite incertain of taste. I was completely upset and did not want to try anything else. Even though I tried a bit of salad and I started to feel an allergic reaction to it so I gave up on that and continued drinking my jasmin tea.

My mother ordered Yakitori which probably have not ever seen Japanese yakitori...and I should not even comment on the menu (as those Chinese people probably don't know their spelling right)

All this just to say that this is probably the worst choice of a Japanese restaurant in the area, so beware.