Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gamer's day...

Today I was invited to Level Editorial's Office. They wanted a video o f me playing GHWT and telling people what I think about the game (I don't want to see the outcome....o_O).

Guitar Hero World Tour on PS3 is something really different from the PS2 version^_^. Almost the whole game was unlock so I even tried playing La Bamba and BYOB and other songs I did not get to yet at home.

After making the video we played as a band and I have to say that it was quite confusing. I was offsync, the singer offkey, the guitarist was doing fine. In overall we managed to clear the song and have fun afterall. (someone took a video....not sure if I want to see it as well^_~)

When everyone was tired of GHWT I got the chance to play the new Prince of Persia for some time and I have to say that I like the game. It's a game about jumping all over the place and getting from point A to point B (cleansing area and boss). The gameplay is easy. No need to be frustrated because of 3d environment and being afraid of falling down from poles, columns or anything you will encounter. The game flows, is fluid and is nice to watch if you know how to play the game. But you will get into it pretty fast. Also you can't die in the game as Elika saves you from dying all the time. So you restart from the last platform where a series of jumps can begin.

The game starts with Prince calling out the name Farah and Elika running into him (being chased by some guards)....[blah blah story going on]. Because of something bad that happened, darkness has arisen and you need to cleanse many areas to get rid of the darkness. To do so you need to get to that place and let Elika heal it. Usually at the end of each level you encounter a boss you need to kill either with your sword or Elika's magic. At some fights you will be forced to use the environment to get rid of the opponent.

After PoP I played bit of DJ Troopers CS and played Smoooch from Empress^_~. I have to say that the pink highlighted song in the Troopers songlist looks pretty weird.

Perfect day^_~ If I don't count the fact that I did not feel good, was starving and ended up with blisters on my hands from playing GHWT drums.