Sunday, November 25, 2007


Today we went (my family Xsoft and Peter) to a restaurant called Ambiente. There are more restaurants of this name and each is dedicated to a different cuisine. The restaurant we went to today can be found in Slovansky dum near Wenceslav's Square.

My father ordered a menu. So that means we had starters of our choice. You could choose a starter at a buffet. All kind of salads, vegetables, fruit and other smaller dishes could be found there. I personally enjoyed a tuna salad with mais and peas. After that I had a delicious potato salad. I still wanted to taste something and discovered sushi. It was fresh, well done. Soya sauce and strong wasabi was available as well. (*Heaven*)

After all those salads they started tasting of all kinds of different meats. Duck meet, beef, pork, lamb etc prepared in different ways. We could even taste grilled trout and carp.

After all that meat (literally) that was served with different kinds of bread, fried banana and potatoes we decided to head on desserts. We tried one with coconut flavour and one with marakuja. I have to say that the one with Marakuja was light and refreshing. The taste was really interesting, but good. Later on I tried Vanilla icecream with pistachio and hot dark chocolate. Simply delicious.

The meals in the restaurant are tasting really good. You will explore a lot of different ways how to prepare a meat. Starters were awesome as well.
The only negative thing about this restaurant is that it is usually pretty busy there and it's in constant motion.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oath of Druids/Psychatog

Today was one a pretty bad day for me for several reasons. My heart was broken and I did not have energy for anything. At school I was just trying to survive till I saw two people playing Magic, which surprised me. When the lesson ended I went to them if I could play with them as well.

One player was playing Oath of Druids and a deck full of Angels. The other one was playing Psychatog. I couldn't beat the Oath deck with my slow slivers as the Angels came to fast into play. Psychatog decks are something I despise but sometimes I can beat them so I don't usually mind playing against them. I was doing way better against it but still it ended up in a lost game for me. My zombies were victorious against Psychatog though^_^.

This was one of the brighter moments in this period of time that was a really bad for me.