Friday, January 5, 2018

Magic: The Gathering Collected Stories AER to XLN

With Aether Revolt Wizards of the Coast stopped providing us with a PDF, ePub and MOBI version of their set stories and since when I was looking for them people seem to want them I decided to compile them.

I tried my best at preparing a digital publication, it's not perfect but it should be good enough for those that want to read these stories on their readers. Here is a link to a folder containing those Collected Stories from Aether Revolt to Ixalan. When Rivals of Ixalan we'll be available, I'll compile it too.

Note: For some reason I have problems exporting Aether Revolt so it may show errors or not work. I used ePub v3. If you need ePub v2 files contact me via Google, Twitter (stsungjp) or Magic Online and I will reexport these for you.

Magic: The Gathering Collected Stories from AER to XLN

*I'm not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Wizards of the Coast.