Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Unsporting Conduct: Major - My story

Not so long ago Ali Aintrazi was accused of sexual harassment. After reading both Ali's and Amanda's story I had to write something myself. Lately I try to speak more to some of the players around me and I'm horrified listening to their stories and reading the stories online about what happened at certain SCG events does not help it either. While my experiences are very bad some of them are nothing compared to what some other players had to go through. I hear complains from both female and male players, both foreigners and local Caucasian players. At first I thought that I'm more of a rare case and that I cope with this behavior badly but in reality I withstood all that I describe in the article relatively without much harm done (most probably because most of the damage was already done before I actually joined this community, it was always part of my life). I'd like you Magic players to read this. It is something I wrote down without giving it much thought - those are pure emotions talking. Please read this and try to understand how some players may feel. Avoiding situations that are making matters worse for others might help a lot. Respect other players no matter their gender, sex or race.

My words to the Magic community.