Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oath of Druids/Psychatog

Today was one a pretty bad day for me for several reasons. My heart was broken and I did not have energy for anything. At school I was just trying to survive till I saw two people playing Magic, which surprised me. When the lesson ended I went to them if I could play with them as well.

One player was playing Oath of Druids and a deck full of Angels. The other one was playing Psychatog. I couldn't beat the Oath deck with my slow slivers as the Angels came to fast into play. Psychatog decks are something I despise but sometimes I can beat them so I don't usually mind playing against them. I was doing way better against it but still it ended up in a lost game for me. My zombies were victorious against Psychatog though^_^.

This was one of the brighter moments in this period of time that was a really bad for me.