Friday, September 9, 2005

Status Report - mtg castle

This day started really "well". Heavy rain was falling and did not cease even for a minute. At school we had a really bad time table. First lesson was English (5th one that week!), Dutch (was quite ok), 3 hours of NOTHING, French and Geography. So what were we supposed to do for three hours at the school yard (with that heavy rain outside?). Well, we decided to stay inside and try to do some work for school (Chemistry exercises for some). After that we started listening to all kind of music. When last song in the playlist was playing some people started to do some tricks with cards. Few people were throwing a deck of cards across the room (somehow the cards more or less stayed together). We tried to throw the cards as high as we could without any card falling to the ground. Later on we were showing all kind of tricks and magic with the cards we could come up with. When we ran out of tricks we started building castles out of cards.

I spent the last hour with Tian, a Chinese Exchange student. French was boring as usual and Geography was quite special today as well. The teacher warned us that if we won't behave well he will make the final exams so difficult that we won't pass.

At home I wanted to continue in trying to build a castle from some cards but I couldn't find any "normal ones". When I realized that there are probably no normal cards I took pack of my 8th and 9th edition magic the gathering cards I drafted at some events. The cards were brand new, never played except that one particular tournament so it was really difficult to even make two cards stand on the table. The cards were really slippery...

Anyway after some time I managed to build a small castle Magic The Gathering cards' castle.