Monday, January 17, 2005

UGW Slivers vs BUR Slivers

Friday afternoon after my Dutch exam I went outside to the tables were Magic The Gathering players usually gathered. To my surprised there were about 15 players that day. After few minutes of trying to figure out who would play with whom to at least get players playing the same type deck play against each other. That day I met a new Magic player (or well someone I just never played before). He was playing UGW sliver deck. Some time later he came to me and said "You'll give me 20 EURs if I beat you with my slivers, ok?". As I had the chance to see his sliver deck that day a bit I was sure to win or end in a draw. I wouldn't probably be able to kill him directly but milling him could work (not that I would have cards for that, but he would surely draw more cards than I). I said "Why not" and we played. Some people watched us and wondered which slivers would win - UGW version or my BUR version. The match seemed to last forever but finally Mister UGW Sliver lost because he ran out cards (as I presumed). I just smiled and went back to the other players. I left him there thinking about what happened.

When I was coming back I met some guy who wanted Toxin Slivers and Crystalline Slivers from me. He even offered quite a lot of money, but I won't sell these sliver cards. All the players were playing so I watched someone with a black Zombie/Cleric deck play against some artifact deck that was a complete mystery to me. I have no idea how Visara and Scion ended up in the graveyard so fast.

Later on I played with my B/W clerics against some green Nantuko deck. When I was thinking which Nantuko was the best to banish to darkness my thought was interrupted by a song I heard playing from a cell phone. I started to sing the song and later on I realize that the song is Zankoku na tenshi no TEEZE. Few more minutes later I heard few Paranoia songs from the very same cell phone and I was really thinking about getting up from the table and go ask the person where the hell he came to these songs. But I continued playing Magic and never find out if the person knows Dance Dance Revolution as most of the songs came from the game.