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I was asked to create a simple webpage for the Trueside company. The site is live and since it is a single page it needs to be seen live.

I designed this site to correspond to a new Magic: The Gathering set that is dark and features Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves. I have written the code and I was periodically updating the site. (site no longer exists)


This was a site inviting people to our final exhibition. I created the code and the design. The main page contains a CSS image map. (site no longer exists)

This site was dedicated to Machine Dance. On the site you could find information about what Machine Dance is and you could buy an arcade machine if interested. The site was discontinued due to change of customer target group. (site no longer exists)

FN Motol

I was asked to create a simple design for Motol Hospital's intranet. It was easier for me to do it with code rather than creating a image.

Graphic Design


Flyers for University Hospital Motol in Prague.

Roll up and flyer for a game store Mephit. Done in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator (logo + plan), Adobe Photoshop (processing images).


MTGGoldfish - Decklist in infographic form.


Logos used by

Vector Art

These tattoo designs started as a school project but later people started to ask me if they could use these and have them tattooed on their bodies. Here you can see the computer design done in Adobe Illustrator and photomontage done in Adobe Photoshop.

I was asked to create t-shirt design for a Flames of War European Champion. The tank was done in Illustrator.

The Outpost owner changed and asked for a rather complicated logo based on a card named 'Imperial Outpost'.

For another game store named Dungeon, I created a dragon image so it could be use on a box cover.


More examples of my work can be found here -> My Gallery

Magic Alter

Here are so called Magic Alters. Creating a Magic Alter consists of taking a Magic: The Gathering trading card and painting on it (usually with Acrylic paint). The card is 63 mm x 88 mm so that is really small. To get a good result one doing the alter needs to apply about 14-20 layers of paint. Examples of such work follow (Original -> Altered)

For more examples you can visit my site at ->

Custom Playmats

I also create custom playmats (that players use when playing Magic: The Gathering or other card games). I paint those using acrylic paints or draw them using Copic markers and multiliners.

For more examples you can visit my site at ->

3d Studio

Game store Outpost

This is a 3d model and render of a game store Outpost which was created for a university project.

Model 3d Model of Dance Dance Revolution arcade

Transporter room - Galaxy class ship (Star Trek)

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